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For Divorced Filipino who is wishing to remarry

The Philippines has no DIVORCE. This really makes things complicated. For example, you are living in Japan and divorced to your Japanese husband. If, during the divorce, you still have 1 or 3 year visa but not performing anymore the role as a spouse of Japanese, then without any choice you have to go back to Philippines as a DIVORCEE. But if you are lucky enough, you have a permanent visa, then you can stay in Japan and have no worries financially as you can work legally. Now you got a new boyfriend and decided to marry again. What will you do?

You have to prepare some documents from the Philippines and submit it to Philippine Embassy in Tokyo or Osaka in order to get a document called LEGAL CAPACITY TO CONTRACT MARRIAGE (LCCM) . This document is a requirement and a very important proof of your capacity to marry under Philippine law.

Then you would find you cannot apply for an LCCM. Why?

Remember "THERE IS NO DIVORCE" in the Philippines. Therefore, even if you divorced in a foreign country, you are still considered "MARRIED" unless you take a certain proceedings in the Philippines. Yes, that proceeding is called RECOGNITION OF DIVORCE or legally term as RECOGNITION OF FOREIGN JUDGEMENT". A court proceeding to make your previous marriage void.